Everywhere - Everyone

We are producing a series of instructional videos for teachers and students in remote or rural areas without internet access, based on the Keyestudio STEM starter kit. 

These videos will be made available on SD cards so that remote schools will be able to use the instructions on their local computers and networks.

The teacher video's are focused on building the pedagogical competencies for STEAM education while the student versions are focused on self-paced learning.

The kit is based on the open source Arduino Uno micro controller and development environment, and provides a fun way to get aquainted with the basics of electronics and programming. The initial target audience are the students between 10 and 14 years old.

The videos will also provide inspiration to include the "A" of STEAM: Arts. 

The target date for these videos is Q4 2022!


Pilot video's now available on YouTube

Check it out!