#EdTech for Good

EdukoMondo empowers students in remote and underserved areas through engaging, accessible education, regardless of internet access. During the pandemic, the digital divide widened, leaving many behind. EdukoMondo bridges this gap, not just with technology, but with a unique set of STEAM videos for teachers and students. We offer offline and online resources, fostering collaboration, critical thinking, and a love of learning. Join us in creating a world where every child has the chance to thrive, no matter where they are.

Need for STEAM teachers and CPD (Continuous Professional Development).

Despite the many resources available on the internet, the role of the teacher in bringing digital education and STEAM lessons in the classroom is underexposed.

That is why we fill this crucial gap with a series of multi-language videos, developing STEAM skills for the absolute beginner teacher.

Check out our Thai, French and English dubbed and Close Captioned playlists on YouTube. More languages will follow.


STEAM videos for beginning teachers now available in Thai. 

We are proud to announce that through the close collaboration with Dr. Choojit Sarapak from the Surinda Rajabhat University we have completed the first level of THAI spoken teacher STEAM videos on YouTube. 

The videos - Arduino micrcontroller projects - provide step by step guidance to novice STEAM teachers.

This is a major step forward in offering CPD to beginning STEAM teachers in remote areas and in a local language.

Dr. Choojit and team checked and corrected the AI translations to ensure language and terminology accuracy. The videos were then dubbed using AI. 

Next... MicroPython on Raspberry Pi Pico !


Case: a digital library for The Ponheary Ly Foundation

Together with www.theplf.org we built a digital library with over 100 children reading books in Khmer. The books are available throughout the school using wifi, refurbished tablets and a central Synology Network Attached Storage that is ready for the future!

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