#EdTech for Good

EdukoMondo, Esperanto for global education, improves the learning experience for students in remote or underserved areas. During Covid-19 we have seen another divide appearing: the digital divide. We want to decrease the digital divide between the schools that have access to high speed internet, cloud services, on-line platforms and those who don't. Even without access to the internet, we want to offer students of all ages - and their teachers - the experience how digital learning opens up the world.

For students, teachers and communities - from pre school to adults.

We build learning solutions that are scalable and sustainable. Involving teachers, students and local communities to become self sufficient to deliver an awesome digital learning experience.


Want to join our projects as a volunteer? There are many ways you can put your skills to practice at EdukoMondo, ranging from fund raising, developing partnerships to programming complete school environments in open source such as Moodle.

EdukoMondo is a member of 

Case: a digital library for The Ponheary Ly Foundation

Together with www.theplf.org we built a digital library with over 100 children reading books in Khmer. The books are available throughout the school using wifi, refurbished tablets and a central Synology Network Attached Storage that is ready for the future!


To continue to fund our projects, we rely on generous donations from people who want to make the difference in education. 

As a not for profit organisation under Belgian law, we follow strict accounting rules. Transparency and adhering to our code of conduct stand central in our way of working.

When we put education first, we can reduce poverty and hunger, end wasted potential and look forward to stronger and better societies for all.

Ban Ki-Moon, former

United Nations Secretary General