Don't be afraid to

roll up your sleeves

Your expertise supports #techforgood

EdukoMondo is unique in the social profit world. There are many great initiatives that support schools and education in areas where the needs are highest. Few however have the know how or capability to build the required technical foundations to take those schools to the next, digital, level. To prepare and guide them - and their students and teachers - in a sustainable and scaleable manner.

We are looking for volunteers who are...

  • Not afraid to knock on doors and ask for money
  • Not afraid to grab a screwdriver and install wireless accesspoints
  • Not afraid to untangle UTP cables or troubleshoot a server

most importantly, not afraid to put your expertise at work for #techforgood together with other volunteers from around the globe?

Than maybe you are ready to join us as:

  • Fundraiser
  • Synology expert
  • Network expert (wifi)
  • Moodle expert

If you are interested to join us, leave us a message at hello@edukomondo.org

and we'll soon be in touch with you.